Client Software

With the client software, ENG crews and journalists can deliver their video content to a broadcaster using a broadband internet connection (3G mobile, DSL, ...)

Download (version 2.4.2)

The software uploads videos to an Online Account or to a MobileBroadcast Server.

With the client software, you can ...

... provide a live stream in professional quality with only a laptop and a camera with FireWire conection

Simply connect the camera to the laptop computer, and instantly stream your footage to the MobileBroadcast server. The footage is available on the server in realtime, and can be downloaded immediately after you finished recording. No additional steps required for delivery!

... deliver P2 or XDCAM files three times faster than with conventional ftp solutions

Using conventional ftp solutions, you had to encode your footage, and afterwards upload it with an ftp client. On the recipient's side, it had to be decoded again. The MobileBroadcast software fulfills all these steps at once! You start the program and it automatically detects connected P2 or XDCAM drives. A single click on "Transmit" will deliver your footage in one-third of the time! The video will be interruption free, even if you lose the internet connection. It will continue automatically once the connection is set up again.

... deliver video content directly from the timeline of Adobe Premiere

If you are using Adobe Premiere for editing, you can stream your project directly out of the timeline to the MobileBroadcast Server. No additional steps for creating files or doing ftp transfers required! Simply select "MobileBroadcast" within the Adobe Encoder, and deliver your work as easy as if you would save it on your computer!

There is no faster way to transfer video content when using mobile broadband connections!