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mbcast.com showing a brand new platform for live-video transmitting at IBC2011

August 10, 2011

A new live video delivery platform was recently launched by the start-up mbcast.com, specially designed for newscasters and ENG crews as an easy way of transferring footage from location to the studio. On the IBC2011 viewers can get a glimpse of the system in action, as an outside broadcasting unit in Austria will join the mbcast.com hosts live at the IBC, using only a standard notebook and two 3G-modems to bridge the distance of more than 1000 kilometers. They will show the system in rough field use, delivering image-quality comparable to SNG (satellite interlink) transmissions, but at a fraction of the cost.

Mbcast.com is an integrated video conversion and transmission suite - capable of delivering live video if sufficient bandwidth is available. Even if this is not the case and the transmission might be delayed, thanks to efficient H.264 encoding, the footage is sustained at its peak quality and can be downloaded in an editable format (MXF, Quicktime) to an editing environment. The server transcodes the video already during transfer, hence you get the best of both worlds: Small data volume during upload, easy to import formats once you have the footage on your box.

The key advantage of mbcast.com, being a software solution, is that it can be downloaded for free and installed on consumer type notebooks. Hardware based systems optimized for 3G-transmission and marketed as alternatives to SNG and directional radio systems are currently rather costly and not easy to obtain for a larger number of content producers. Mbcast.com can be downloaded to every reporter's notebook and installed within minutes. For the first time, live or near-live broadcasting can thus be done in professional image quality without having to invest in expensive new gear and equipment.

Our stand at IBC: 3.B21